'Faridabad Majdoor Samachar' is a monthly publication in the Hindi language. In 1982, we began publishing 1,000 copies in 2 page format. In 1993 we began to publish and distribute 5,000 copies of the paper each month in Faridabad and Okhla Industrial area of Delhi. Since 2007, the number of copies has increased to 7,000 since we now also distribute the paper amongst factory workers in Udyog Vihar, Gurgaon. Between Faridabad, Okhla, and Gurgaon, there are two to two and half million factory workers.

The newspaper is free and we distribute it by standing along roadsides during shift-changing hours. We give the newspaper to workers who ask for it. It takes ten days each month to distribute the 7,000 copies. Most of the copies are taken by industrial workers working in thousands of factories in Faridabad and adjoining industrial areas of Delhi. Some copies are taken by office workers in Faridabad and Delhi. About 500 copies are posted to different places.

First-hand experiences and ideas of wage-workers at large of different factories, offices, research-centres, etc. make-up most of the newspaper. A brief article addresses these experiences and ideas. A column also deals with 'Questions for Alternatives'.

In Faridabad three-fourths of the factory workers are invisible workers, or workers who are not in the company’s records. 85% are temporary workers and workers hired through contractors. The statutory minimum wages, presently Rs. 3,914 [US$ 83.28 approx.] per month, are not paid to 80% of the work force. Even permanent workers are not paid wages for two-three-four-six months. Workers of hundreds of factories that have been closed have not been paid their legal dues even after five-ten-fifteen years of factory closure.

Each issue of 'Faridabad Majdoor Samachar' caries articulations of workers of 50 to 60 factories on such issues. Over a period of time, stress on self-activity of wage-workers to confront and transform the present has become a focus of the newspaper.