Monday, April 11, 2011


Coming together to help one another used to be called Ihaas. Fifteen to twenty persons would join together, take up the task, and quickly complete it. The beginnings of Ihaas are not known, but in the villages of Punjab and Haryana (northwest India), even 50 years ago, Ihaas-Ihaasiye could be seen.

As much as we decrease the necessity for money, that much more space increases for us. There is an easy, simple way to decrease the necessity for money: help one another. Our close coordinations shrink the space for money and enlarge the space for you, for me, for us...

We do not know whether Ihaas questioned caste-based oppression-exploitation or not. Still, Ihaas ad Ihaasiye which shrank the space of money by means of mutual help are a source of inspiration for us.

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