Thursday, August 26, 2010


(New Series No. 160, October 2001) In hierarchic social formations, normal or ordinary life is extremely dull, boring, and painful. People sitting on pyramids made of heads and shoulders apply the ointment of splendour over their pain. Those on the lower rungs of the ladder, those who are oppressed and crushed, it becomes compulsory for them to oppose-rebel at all times.

To keep them oppressed, to maintain their grip, texts and weapons are the instruments of those sitting on heads and shoulders. War and the Book (Ved, Bible, Quran, Constitution, Marxism, Anarchism) are two ends of the swamp. War and the Book are two events, great events. By chiselling events, literary figures and artists lay the basis for identity-politics and contribute to the creation of events for a long time.

Weapons and warriors of those sitting on heads and shoulders bloody us. Texts and intellectuals instigate us against one another for bloodshed. The essence of texts is: those who are sitting on heads and shoulders, those who are oppressing, exploiting you are doing all this for your own good.

In the present hierarchic social system, oppression, exploitation has now come forward in the institutional form. Instead of a particular person, we are confronted by faceless institutions. Through zig-zagged paths, it is being increasingly understood that the source of the pain of body-soul-conscience is formless and rooted in social relations and emancipation in the creation of a new society. This realization of the people has brought every form of government face-to-face with death. In this situation to postpone death, governments have reared-created terrorism.

The event in America, understood as the event, and the reactions of those sitting on heads and shoulders, it becomes irrelevant as to whether the massive destruction was self-caused or was gotten done by the State or a mixture of self-caused and got done. Educated propagandists through radio-television-newspapers-magazines have spread terrorism's fear-fame worldwide. A very good harvest of self-made and government-created terrorists is imminent. It looks like this harvest will for the time being fill the treasuries of bankrupt governments with the justifications of security-danger. And in the coming days, in every part of the world, there will be massive increase in government terror. A glimpse of attacks using terrorism as a shield is that immediately after the event, airline companies dismissed 100,000 workers.

For effective opposition of oppress-exploitation, it is necessary to make dysfunctional the weapons and blunt the texts of those sitting on our heads and shoulders. To bring into being a society in which there is no discrimination, premised on our being unequals, it is necessary to overcome weapon-text...