Thursday, August 18, 2011



We are afraid to talk about our problems-troubles-difficulties even with our co-workers, neighbors, and friends.

In the prevailing atmosphere, telling others about one's hardships-sufferings appears to bear the danger of being made fun of, being looked down upon, and being taken advantage of which would only increase one's difficulties-sufferings.

Making fun of poverty, weakness, and mistakes is prevalent.

Given the dominance of this perverted morality, we keep withdrawing into ourselves and our difficulties-hardships-sufferings continue to increase.

In the present system, each person is becoming increasingly insignificant. It is becoming meaningless whether or not a person exists or does not exist.

It is the effect of the present and the expression of this dark misery of human existence that many of our discussions take place in the combative arena of 'my-my, yours-yours':

I am this (praiseworthy) and you are that (derogatory), my father is like this and your daughter is like that, my heroine is this and your party is that; my caste is like this and your region is like that; my religion is this and your country is that...

In order to bolster oneself and downgrade the other, all that is taken up-attributed to-adopted by 'I-my' is shown to be virtue incarnate. And the things that are associated with or attached to the other ('you-yours') are denigrated. Fault upon fault in every 'I-my'. Virtue upon virtue in every 'you-yours'.

Open or hidden helplessness is the essence, and harshness-bitterness is the character of 'my-my, yours-yours' discourses.

Such discussions only work to further increase the already existing misery.

As a general matter, all sorts of discussions take place.

In these, thine-mine expressions also dwell, which seem important to us.


Despite the dominance of the present system, it is a fact that compassion towards one another, sharing one another's happiness and sadness, helping one another is very widespread.

Our activities of love, respect, mutual help are of innumerable types and are endless. Thine-mine interactions seem to be part of an innate and natural human process.

It is true that our humane thoughts and practices which have been draped in holy and religious garb since time immemorial are visibly shrinking.

But what is more important is that faced with the ruthless awesomeness of the present, thine-mine interactions are making the whole earth their area of activity for the sharing of thy-my sorrow and pain (dukh-dard).

Our merging interactions, our close coordinations based on affection, regard, and mutual help, throughout the world, are moving forward to pose a challenge to the present system based on competition and denigration.

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