Thursday, May 23, 2019

What's the Issue?

FMS#369 || Faridabad-NCR || March 2019

Who says, “What’s the issue”?

“Issue”, meaning?

Hello, I don’t know any issue.

Ooh! Issue means a case, an event. Some can be big. Some are small.

So, what’s your issue?

Speak softly. Issue is serious and ears are trained.

Relax. The sounds of these machines will keep our voices hidden from surveilling ears.

I’ve heard that they do ear exercises.

That’s their issue. How to keep ears alert.

These machine-worshippers never care for machines. Sounds will keep on growing.

It’s a circle. Alertness of ears. Sound of machine. Wear and tear of ears. Sound of machine rising. More alertness needed from ears. And on and on.

So this is your issue?

No. This is the issue that haunts cruel intelligence.

Aah! Speak softly. Electricity is gone; the generator will be on soon; speak then. But, what’s your issue?

Accident report. I’ve started understanding what accident report is. It’s crucial to get a written version. When an accident, do two things. One group, quick, go help. And the other group, go get the accident report written. Take copies.

You’ve thought a lot on this. So it does not remain an issue for you then.

What is issue? A kind of a knot? A complex knot? Or something else?

In my understanding, when we say ‘issue’, it’s about some kind of a dispute. Like if there’s a dispute about an accident.

Disputes are many. So are we swimming in issues then?

Softly please! This is interesting indeed. You will ask, why? Well, many disputes are contingent, they are relevant at the moment they are occurring. They have opposing sides, wrestlers and spokespersons.

Are you saying that some disputes becomes issues, and recede from us?

That’s their doubleness. Fluctuations of disputes stay within us in many formless ways. But if they are within us, the question becomes, who needs, who propels the turning of disputes into issues?

What I gather is that giving a form brings in a degree of control, a sense of being in power. It gives a perforated world an artifice of legibility.

But along with it an image of a collective gets created too.

Agreed, a collective image emerges. But this image is always a blur. The transformation of our world is rapid. Issues bubble up, and quickly dissipate. Some do reap short-term advantage from this momentariness.

The collective image is perforated; underneath it flow lively, alive, robust disputes with “no demands”.

We keep taking steps, acting, and do not articulate any demand. This happens in our workplace, in many workplaces, all the time. This confuses the management, makes it fearful.

Our self-confidence grows.

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