Sunday, August 11, 2019

Unprecedented Confusions

FMS#373 || Faridabad-NCR || July 2019

Did you see the video?

Which one? The one you sent with the line "to increase your confusion"?

Yes. Isn't your workplace becoming somewhat like that?

Yes, something like it is happening. But the dexterity of the workplace in that video was of a different order.

Arre, at least show us the video!

I’m sending it. But let me quickly run you through it. It’s a PCB board making factory. The thing is, they make with precision, dexterity, and automation, thousands and thousands of boards, but they also make customised, unique, single boards with the same precision.

Raju keeps telling me about his circuit boards and sometimes shows me complex designs. I should tell him to have them made there. That’s possible, isn’t it?

Should be. Anyone can send a design from anywhere. They test it, make a board, and send it back.

So where’s the confusion?

What I understand is that along with doing our work in factories and workshops, we keep tinkering with, probing, and exploring technical objects.

It has been so for long, long years.

True, true. Our Autopin settlement was built by us over so many years. So at least for that long, we have.

The city itself is built that way.

Actually, much of the videos that circulate are self-made, self-learned, peer-gained.

Looks like it’s Raju-time! It’s a capacity, his confidence, becoming visible to all. He is happy, we are happy. So where’s the confusion?

The language that makes the world of work familiar and known no longer holds that world. Robots, artificial intelligence, automation, computation are changing the contours of how we work.

Work itself is getting confused!

And within this atmosphere, everyone's inner Raju is emerging stronger.

And the way we all are knitting, mending, binding, stitching the world together is probably unprecedented.

Amidst this then, we have two kinds of confusion. A joyful confusion and…

And an astonishing confusion.

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