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(New Series No. 190, April 2004)

Aged worker : "I worked for 22 years in East India Cotton Mill. East India Factory is closed since 1996 and till today I have not gotten all my dues (some monthly wages, severance pay, and gratuity). In these 8 years, after being shuffled from place to place, now I am working as a security guard in a factory in Sector 59. I see young boys and girls come to the factory gate every day in search for a job. I see those who are hired are squeezing and being squeezed by the demand for production. I feel sad when I see young people with tired, weary faces, coming out of the factory after duty and overtime. In our time, we used to go to factory gates with a desire for a permanent job but now merely for 5, 6 months employment, I see crowds gathering at the gate. I am troubled to see disheartened faces return upon not being hired. It seems that the dues of my 22 years service have drowned but at least during my time there was the possibility of permanent job and service dues. For this generation, there is absolutely nothing like dues. After 6 months, there is a certain break in service; there is dismissal. Today workers are being squeezed too greatly. What has happened to us happened, but what will happen to our children?"

* What has passed was better. The present is beyond tolerant…Should this cycle remain than life in the future is impossible…

* Neither any person, nor any institution, nor any place is worth trusting. All around there is insecurity and insecurity.

* One cannot do anything…One can do everything…Getting slapped between extremes is your destiny. Sometimes, one extreme and sometimes the other extreme...this crushes the body and soul. Balancing has been made impossible by the reality.

* Since one has been born, one has to pass the time. If we think too much then the result will be self-sacrifice or suicide. Nothing will change.

* Conditions will only go from bad to worse. This is not an expression of some desperation or pessimism. This is a statement of the bitter truth of reality. This type of expression appears clearly during thought and reflection whether a person speaks after having thought over things or the person speaks in an emotional state...This psychic condition appears to be worldwide. This can be called a reflection of the present social system. It seems that the human species has become a victim or prey of social psychosis.

What Not To Do

* Increasing difficulties will certainly engender anger. And given what exists, there must be anger. But what should our anger be directed towards?

* Through extremely active leaders and around them an active 5 to 10% population, attaining well-being remained a dream. Relief did not emerge. Conditions have only gone from bad to worse. Demonstration-meeting-movement-contributions have proved to be ineffective. They have been also harmful by becoming the medium for negotiations- deals at the cost of workers/laborers. In such a situation, it is a good thing that people in increasing numbers are distancing themselves from this. New leaders, new emancipators are a mirage. To repeatedly utilize them is not a negation but rather, a confirmation of our helplessness.

* Revolt, insurgency, revolution, uprising are said to be big, heavy words- "we have to raise children." This mantra was already widespread and now it has become even more widespread. The dominance of these practices-ideas of moving forward, climbing higher, holding on in the arena of the present social system- carries with it a worsening of our present situation. Instead of opposing human beings becoming commodities in the market, human beings are increasingly engaging in more and more competition. Presently, what is being done is:

- More members of the family working.
- More people are buying and displaying goods to show-increase one's status
- Wages are low. Do overtime. Don't take weekly leave. Go for work even when one is ill. Search for part-time work. Make children work.
- There is uncertainty and more uncertainty. In search of security, do additional work on top of one's job. Throttle one's interests. Not take any rest. Not meet with anyone "without vested interest."

* This simple solving of our bad condition only increases our bad condition.

Revolts against bosses, against the desire to be boss.

What To Do

"If we oppose, they'll throw us out."
"Opposition is simply not possible."
"Opposition has no effect- no one bothers."
"People are not ready to oppose- people don't give support."

These types of expressions show the current meaning of opposition. Yardsticks that measure opposition and the effect of opposition are the measuring rods of those sitting on heads and shoulders in hierarchic systems. All that is meaningful is visible, immediate, and in concrete form. Such yardsticks are really just a means to show ordinary people as not having any importance.

But it is ordinary people and ordinary life that is what is really important. We need those methods-paths which instead of making-showing the ordinary activities of ordinary people as helpless-insignificant establish their capability, their importance.
Insurgency against the market, against human beings becoming a commodity in the market.
As it is, ordinary people's ordinary work has played an important role in creating this vicious-demonic situation. Similarly, if ordinary people take ordinary steps in opposition then it'll not take long for the present to become the past. Lifting pebbles by the finger can be done by every one, every day. This lifting of pebbles through coordination will erase the Himalayas of oppression-exploitation.

The basis of respect for person, social respect for person is mutual good behavior and togetherness. It appears necessary to make these the means and aim of a fruitful-successful life.

Our labour worsens our conditions. As much as we labor, so much more is lost. New machines, ever new knowledge, instead of providing relief, is our misfortune. Our savings, accumulations are not only smashing human beings but rather the whole earth is being smoldered. In the name of straightforwardness, everything is topsy-turvy. It is necessary to think and consider from a new angle.
"If there is some vested interest then we'll certainly meet."
Whereas meeting is that meeting where one meets without any vested interest.

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