Monday, January 25, 2010


(New Series No. 186, December 2003)

Even today, sparrows sing and dance for quite some time. For most human beings, most time is absorbed in the obsession for money.

Since domestication, donkeys are being made to carry loads but thankfully Donkey Resource Development Departments have not flourished and even today donkeys happily neigh. Human beings were already the topmost load carriers, but now, medicine, psychiatry, Human Resource Development Departments have made humans incomparable in load-carrying by cutting, molding, and transforming our body-minds-and-souls.

Dogs fight once in awhile but amongst street dogs, there is generally friendship. Often, in the morning and evening, dogs play, and that too, not warlike competitive sports. In contrast, human beings today engage in an uninterrupted process of preparation for competition and antagonistic conflicts.

In forests, pigs ate roots and branches and to cool off, lay in clean, wet soils. By domesticating, and bringing them into cities, we have made pigs anonymous with dirtiness. But compared to the pig's body, if you look at our hearts and souls, perhaps there is nothing more dirty than us human beings...

Before calling someone donkey, ass, dog, pig, it is necessary to consider whether donkey, ass, dog, pig is being insulted or the human beings who are being called by these names are being praised!

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