Thursday, September 22, 2016

fms Sep 2016

"Ha-ha-ha-ha! It makes sense now, why it’s so prevalent, the image of worker as helpless."

"But uncle, these images harm. They do not help us get leverage."

"Agreed. It is difficult to bring the audacious arguments of the shop floor to life in general."

"These arguments do keep surfacing. But where, how, and how to persist with them is the question."

Faridabad Majdoor Samachar (Faridabad Workers’ News)
Issue # 339
September 2016

Page 1: Collision between the Subterranean and the Manifest
Page 2: Counteracting Forces in Face of Legal Violations + Management Gurus’ Headstands
Page 3: The End of Middlemen + Commoning
Page 4: Silent Withdrawal + A Million Tea-break Mutinies

Contributions welcome

We currently print 16,000 copies at the monthly print cost of Rs. 14,000/-. We are able to meet this through contributions. To sustain us, you can send a bank transfer. Please write to us, and we will send you the bank details.

Distribution is over one month from 25 places in Faridabad, Okhla, Gurgaon, NOIDA and Manesar. Through this, we enter into thousands of conversations. Please write to us if you would like to join us; we will let you know of the place and time.

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