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October 2016 fms

"Listen, friend, let's summarise."

"Summarise what?"

"An unfolding that is transforming the actual and virtual landscapes of work and life."

"Eager. Carry on then."

"An 18 to 20 year old enters a workplace -- as a temporary or as an apprentice. Explores and creates many relationships. These start from departments, move to shifts, extend between shifts, stretch in travel, enlarge across neighbourhoods, and proliferate in phone groups. These happens over days, occasions, months, a year or two years and more, between thousands. Bonds thicken.

They deepen. Gather speed.

Conversations, repartee with supervisors, frictions over production targets, arguments about disciplinary codes, defiance of rules, discontent over canteen food, and many more moments. Seepage spreads and cracks deepen at the work site."

"This is the general milieu. As always.
What's so significant now?"

"The loss of control over workplace is palpably felt by management. This is the general milieu. Everybody knows, this is how the managerial occupation of production is forced to loosen its grip.

Sudden stoppage of work, refusal to do overtime, sporadic lengthening of lunch or tea breaks, increase of product rejections, becoming mute in oral confrontations. This moves like a wave, resonating and engulfing."

"And then?"

"And / or / with…
A decision to not leave the factory.
Attack on factory buildings.
Company eases tensions through concessions.
Police and bouncers attack workers.
Mass dismissals."

"And / or / with?"

"The wave swings to other factories. Like recently, when women workers in Bangalore went from 4000 to 100,000 within hours, and took over the city. The concessions achieved were a gain to millions of workers."


"Shrink to 40. A process of dissipation and exhaustion through procedures of petitioning, and a wait for the benevolence of administration to intervene."

Faridabad Majdoor Samachar (Faridabad Workers’ News)
Issue # 340
October 2016

Page 1: A Diagram of Self-Activity, Actual and Virtual
Page 2: Legal Cracks Grow; Corruption & Co.; Dates-Dates-Dates
Page 3: Security Workers, Insecure Conditions, and Other Reports
Page 4: Bonus: How to Hack It

PDF enclosed.

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