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January fms 2017

"We are 300. What can you do for us? We plan to come and meet you. But first, tell, what help can you bring to the workers?"

"Why would an active gathering of 300 ask anyone, 'what you can do for us?' Is there something you find lacking in this assembly?"

"Lack? Where did 'lack' come from? We keep the management tense all through the day. It's a battle between them trying exhaustion on us, and us pushing tension on them."

"What an amazing image of workplace you've drawn. A battle between exhaustion and tension. It cannot come from lack for sure. Then what is that's making you search for help?"

"Well, then you can say we're asking for help to enhance the collective happiness of this gathering of 300, and through them of many, many others connected to them."

"You create some rather abrupt detours! Happiness can be mobilised to think about many deferred ways of living and thinking. It can bring into questioning the persistence of keeping the present hostage to future happiness. But, again, this can't be a reason for asking for help."

"Reasons? We can list a few. Fear. Being dismissed. Being attacked by bouncers inside workspaces. Threatened by police in accelerated situations. We feel that some relief can come from people who claim to help workers. People who can bring in some pressure on the administration."

"And then? A spiral of dates and assurances? Dispersal and exhaustion? Is there anything else that comes to mind when these 'helping hands' take over?"

"No, not much else. No, haven't heard of much else resulting. But maybe with us it will be different. We 300 are different. We're a courageous lot."

"Why take your courage and transfer it into someone else's strength? Maybe there are other ways to take the spunk of 300 to many; from 300 to 3000, to 5000, to 15000?"

"We do understand that it is through lot of mutual sharing between us that we became 300. We have an image of each other, and of 300. We know that many others are connected to this gathering. But the image blurs. It's difficult to conjure an image of the felt - but not so visible - connect. Maybe, you can help here!"

"This seems pretty far from the language of help, helpers, and their procedures. This is about how to transmit audacity. A question that we all keep battling with."

"There is beauty in this relay, this transmission of courage."

Faridabad Majdoor Samachar (Faridabad Workers’ News)
Issue # 343
January 2017

Page 1: Audacious Ones, Begin the Transmission of Your Daring
Page 2: It Is Ordinary; Twisted Logic; Increasingly Insecure Companies; Weakening Companies
Page 3: Steps in Common; Commoning
Page 4: Worker Activities in Bangladesh; Question & Answers

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