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fms April 2017

“Sunshine Uncle, you seem very tired today.”

“Heat, brother, it’s the summer heat. And, also, got a big download of laments!”

“Okay then, get our wages increased.”

“What!? Strength is yours, and you’re asking me?”

“If we speak, it rises to insurrection.”

“And when did you start fearing that?”

“Aaah ha. What did you surmise? We fear? Fear is travelling across. It has even reached journalists. They speak in fear.”

“You speak in riddles.”

“If I speak, you will shiver!”

“Come on, winters are over!”

“True. As I was saying to my friends here, we do all the actions, and in reaction we hear lots and lots of speeches. The deluge of words quickly slides into how weak, how helpless we are. And so I say, when we speak, it brings shivers, because when we speak we, once again, do not look helpless.”

“Sunshine Uncle, let me tell you something that happened yesterday. One of our friends went to the HR manager to get an explication of his salary slip. Working with his cruel intelligence Mr. HR took our friend to the contractor to get him terminated. It was tea time. Our friend phoned us. Word spread. Work stopped. All went to HR. He got rattled. The next shift was made aware. This will go on for some days.”

“These collisions are ever-time.”

“Ha ha overtime vs. ever-time?”

“True. An incremental circling of a coming storm, an unpredictable, unbounded, shifting force. We hear these days that research says small micro-events are connected and bring about massive shifts that engulf all.”

“For sure. Engulf it will. The question then is, how to face this with radiance and confidence.”

“Your words are elegant. But I’m afraid I don’t get them fully.”

“Okay Sunshine Uncle, let me try. A few days back a robot hit a worker on his head. Not only did he end up with a one inch deep gash, he also lost his job. This factory has about 100 robots. We tire out. We need rest. We ask question of values. We argue over explanations. They keep working.”

“So you’re saying we come with hassles and robot with none. Is that what managements like?”

“We too are attracted to them, but this allure has not found a description between us. At the moment it is clouded with fear and doubt. I think that, in our time, robots may displace the work-dependent meaning we give to life.”

“Yes, it is being said that we are in an interval of a rapid disappearance of work. And what you are saying is that in this interval it is of immense significance what radiant thoughts, actions, and questions will emerge.”

“Over the last many years this radiance emerges and shines, then hibernates in subterranean flows.”

“Those who get scared of this radiance deny it ever happened.”

“Sunshine Uncle, do you get it? When we’re called helpless, it comes from fear. A fear of radiance.”

Faridabad Majdoor Samachar (Faridabad Workers’ News)
Issue # 346
April 2017

Page 1: “A Fear of Radiance”
Page 2: Conversations In, And With, Many Transient Groups
Page 3: Commoning
Page 4: The Hollowness of Punishment; Fear Strikes Manesar

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