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fms March 2017

“Of late, the management de-activates sensor to increase production.”

“That’s a horrible attitude.”

“Sensors reduced the injuring and chopping off of hands in power presses. Machines would stop. But sensors are removed to jack up production, and once more there is an increase in injuries.”

“Such cruel intelligence is widespread. It’s a blow to life.”

“True. Tears and laments are perhaps an expression of encounters with cruel intelligence, but delay an understanding of the operation of this cruel intelligence.”

“Listening to you all I feel that we encounter this specific form of intelligence everyday, but personify it in our conversations, quickly forgetting what we started to think on, encircling ourselves with summary denunciations of this or that personality.”

“What do you mean, ‘personified forms’?”

“Nothing complex. Statements like, this manager is bad, that supervisor is mean, that general manager is crude — and one can keep adding adjectives and positions.”

“These laments are common. A counterforce to life-force.”

“I feel that every instance of cruel intelligence stuns us. It cuts into the equality that we live by — equality of life, of intelligence, of compassion, of joy, and of the capacity to create.”

“From what you are saying, or what I can make of it, it seems that the laments of daily life are a visible layer of the rumbling subterranean.”

“True. Often, the proximity of a lament makes us become lost in it.”

“Below the surface is the collision of intelligence.”

“We sense this collision. Whenever we are in conversation with each other, we advise each other on how to disable this cruel intelligence.”


“Whenever — by ourselves or with another — we go into despair of cruel intelligence, we get exhausted battling with its personified form. But when in groups of 5 or 6, or 7 or 8, however and wherever they may get formed, our discussions cast personified forms aside, and we start thinking, sharing, advising on how to restrain, de-activate, in-operationalise this form of intelligence.”

“Now that you put it this way, I see this conversation is active, it is all around.”

“But sister, how do we remember these conversations? Agreed, these conversations, these collisions of intelligence, are all around, and there is a churning, but they are also momentary, transient, and multiple, and they fade rapidly.”

“Hmm, so you are now asking me for methods to remember? What I have come to understand is that it is best not to entangle ourselves in methods of remembering. It is when the frequency, intensity, duration, and presence of these conversations multiply and thicken, that they transmit and travel.”

“And then just as they travel from here to there, they will travel back from there to here too. The joy of this travel and momentum sheds the weight of cruel intelligence.”

“And we revel in our childhood enigma of where our body ends and the world begins.”


Faridabad Majdoor Samachar (Faridabad Workers’ News)
Issue # 345
March 2017

Page 1: From Here to There, From There to Here.
Page 2: Father-Daughter Conversation; Commoning.
Page 3: Excerpts of Conversations in Transient Groups on the Roadside, in Okhla, Gurgaon, Manesar.
Page 4: Excerpts of Conversations in Transient Groups on the Roadside, in Udyog Vihar.

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