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(New Series Number 255, September 2009)

As of July 1, 2009, the statutory meaning of minimum wages is as follows:

Unskilled worker-
3,914 rupees/mo. (8 hrs/151 rupees or approx. $3)
Semi-skilled worker (a)
4,044 rupees/mo. (8 hrs/156 rupees)
Semi-skilled worker (b)
4,304 rupees/mo. (8 hrs/161 rupees)
Skilled worker (a)
4,304 rupees/mo.(8 hrs/166 rupees)
Skilled worker (b)
4,434 rupees/mo.(8 hrs/171 rupees)
High-skilled worker
4,564 rupees/mo.(8 hrs/176 rupees)

Where less than minimum wage is being given, drop a postcard of 25/50 paise (1 cent) to these addresses:

Mr. Labour Commissioner
Gov't of Haryana
30 Bays Building
Sector 17

Mr. Chief Minister
Gov't of Haryana
Haryana Secretariat

Arihant Mac Industries Worker- 15a Industrial Area.
"The drinking water for workers used to be salty. When any one went to the third floor office to drink water, office staff used to prohibit that person. In the beginning of June one day, we all decided that we will not drink salty water, stopped work, and left the factory...The foreman stopped us and since then normal drinking water comes in water supply trucks to fill the pots in the factory with water. Wages of helpers earn 2,300-2,400 rupees; operators- 3,000; dye-setters- 4,000 and dye-maker 5,000 rupees. Since January, the boss has been saying he will increase wages but he hasn't. When the wages for July were being paid on August 13 so the workers refused to take wages. Then the wages were increased for each worker. In Arihant Mac, there is one shift for 12 hours. And in other departments, there are 2 shifts for 12 hours each. Each month, 10 to 12 times, there is continuous 36 hours of work. 340 hours work in overtime. The payment of overtime is at single rate. No weekly rest. On Saturdays, the duty is from 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and the payment is at double the rate, but if you do not work on that day then no pay at all. During 12 hours work, the company provides 2 samosas and for 36 hours continuous work, 20 rupees for food. 200 workers make shockers, axles, springs, hood luck, but only 7-8 workers have ESI and PF."

(ESI stands for Employee State Insurance which is legally compulsory for every factory worker. Where ESI does not exist, the worker does not exist in the factory records. To Provide ESI 1.75% of wages are deducted and the company contributes approximately 4.75%. PF stands for Provident Fund which is a retirement and pesonion scheme. 12% is deducted from wages wages and 12% is paid by the company.)

"There are 20 power presses. Workers operate them 12 hours every day and 36 hours continuously. Even helpers (unskilled workers) are made to operate them. If a hand gets cut, ESI is back-dated through the payment of bribes to insure that person. Each day 2-3 trucks of materials goes to Jaya Bharat Maruti (IBM), products also go to India Forge and Arihant Engineering. For damaged peices, they cut at least 200-500 rupees from a worker's wage each month. there is just one toilet for 200 workers. It is dirty and there is a long queue."

Dhruv Global Worker, 14 Milestone Mathura Road.
"Doing two 12 hour shifts. Makes garments for North Storm, New York, Casual Mail, Baspro, Cag. On Sundays also two 12 hour shifts and no holidays even on Janmashtami (Krishna's birthday). Payment overtime is at single rate. Helpers hired through contractors wages are 1,800-2,200 and stitching operators are paid per peice. And there is no ESI or PF for these 600-700 workers. There are about 800 permanent workers and they are paid the statutory minimum wages for 10 hours of duty instead of 8 hours. Staff wages were to be increased in March but were not increased until July. Income tax department raided the factory on August 20..."

New Randhir Press Tools Worker- Plot 365, Sector 24.
"100 workers in two 12 hour shifts makes parts for Mahindra tractors. Overtime is at single rate and June and July money was not paid until August 13th. There is a delay even in the payment of wages. 5-7 old workers wages are 4,000 to 5,000 rupees and only these workers have ESI and PF. Helpers wages are 3,000 rupees and operators wages are 3,500, no ESI, no PF. Drinking water is bad, and you will fall sick from drinking it. There is no fixed time for lunch. for male workers, there is just one toilet and it is very dirty. for female workers, there is a toilet and it is locked all the time. And then they have to go to the nearby tracks to go to the bathroom. In 12 hours, the factory does not even provide a cup of tea. The boss curses at us."

Faridabad Bolt Tight Worker- Plot 63, Sector 6.
"There are 60 workers in a 12 hour shift. No ESI or PF. Helpers (unskilled workers) wages are 2,500 and operators 3,000 to 4,000. Overtime at single rate."

SPL Industries Worker- Plot 84, Sector 35.
"There are two shifts of 12 hours each and they forcibly make us work 16-20 hours also. Wages are paid late each month from 18-20th."

Dynamic Industries Worker- Plot 5c, Sector 4.
"Workers hired through contractor had two 12 hour shifts. Helpers wages are 3,000 rupees and skilled workers are on peice rate. No ESI, no PF."

ARS Enterprises Worker- Gurukul Industrial Area, Anandpur.
"Helpers wages are 2,000 and operators 3,400. In 40 workers, only 7 workers have ESI and PF."

Gauroro India Worker-Plot 44, Sec 59.
"Helpers wages are 3,500, no ESI."

Neil Kant Thermopack Worker at Plot 37, Krishna Colony, Street #1, Sector 25.
"Helpers wages are 2,900 and operators are 3,500. ESI and PF are for 5 workers among 25. The shift is from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Overtime at single rate. There is no arrangement for drinking water from the factory. You have to bring it from home. There is no proper toilet in the factory so you have to go on the bank of the canal."

G.L. Autparts Worker- 14 Industrial Area.
"700 workers in two 12 hour shifts make parts for Honda, Yamaha 2 wheelers. Work on Sunday also. Men and women helpers wages are 2,000 to 2,200 and operators are 2,700 to 3,300. Some workers are quietly given an extra 200-300 rupees. And 14-15 young boys also work here. Senior workers get work done and the company has given them hundreds of thousands of rupees loan for establishing workshops where companies are established. ESI and PF are for 75 workers out of 700. After 12 hours of work, they forcibly stop you from leaving by cursing you to work longer hours. Overtime is at single rate. Late payment of wages each month after the 15th."

Clutch Autoworker- 12 by 4 Mathura factory.
"Payment of July wages has started on August 17th."

New Hindustan Tubes- Plot 91, Sec. 6.
"Helpers wages are 3,000 rupees. Shift is from 6 9-9 p.m. Overtime at single rate. They give 30 rupees for food and two rimes tea and snack during a 15 hour shift."

SI Engineering- Plot 352, Sec. 24.
"May, June, July wages were not paid until August 19th."

Super Fibre Worker- 57 Industrial Area, Juteville Mill.
"June wages were paid on July 30th and July wages were not paid until August 13th. One shift for 12 hours overtime at single rate."

Micro Machines Worker- 100 Plot, Sector 6
"In two 12 hour shifts, parts for Gazioni are made. In Noida, overtime is at single rate. Helpers wages are 3,000 rupees. Only 3 or 4 workers have ESI or PF."

San Lume Industries- 35 DLF Industrial Estate.
"There is a great problem around drinking water."

Reliable Diesel Worker- 12-6 Anangpur Road, Gurukul Industrial Area, company's second unit.
"When workers request a solution for even minor problems, the bosses misbehave."

Vee Gee Industrial Enterprises Worker- In 31 Industrial Area.
"They have started calling us in to work 15 minutes before the shift starts. Supervisors misbehave."

K.P. Tools Workers- Eidgah Colony, Sector 6.
"Helpers wages are 3,000, operators are 3,400 to 4,000."

Dudeja Industries Worker- in Industrial area in front of Whirlpool.
"150 workers make cables for Whirlpool fridges. Wages are 2,200 to 2,500."

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