Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Since August 1, D.A. (Dearness Allowance) has not been declared by the gov't of Delhi and was not done so until the beginning of Sep.

Basant India Worker- g-4, B-1 Extension, Mohan Coop Industrial Estate
"Against delaying wage payment and too much delay in overtime payments. 90 workers had stopped work on July 17th. Then Management paid the overtime of March and April months. When July wages were not paid till August 20, some women workers went to the bosses for wages. At this, the Management immediately terminated the services of three women workers. July wages have not been paid till today. August 24th and overtime of May, June, July has also not been paid."

Unistyle Worker- B-51, Okhla Ph.-I.
"In July, sewing operators had stopped work for 3 days because Eliza t-shirt's peice rate went from 28 to 37 rupees. One contractor paid 25 sewing operators as per 37 rupees rate but anoother contractor while working final payment to 21 sewing operators on July 23rd started paying the rate of 35 but that amount was refused by the workers. At that time, there was no work in the factory. So, the sewing operator made a complaint in the Labour Department to the union leader. In reply, the contractor denied that the workers were on peice rate and said that they were on monthly wages of 5,500. When workers produced proof of working for more than 3 years in Unistyle, the contractor changed what he had said and said they no longer had worked for 2 months but for 1 year. Besides taking up the issue in the Labour Department, the skilled workers kept going to the factory but had to sit idle because there was no work in the factory. It was said that July wages would be paid on August 7th. Then that they would be paid on the 10th, but wages were not given until August 17th. In this scenario, work for making Samsung T-shirts came and the contractor asked the worker to commence the work and the workers demanded July wages. On August 22th, 21 sewing operators were retained in the factory. An Hearing is still pending the Labour Department."

Wearnell Worker- B-134, Okhla Ph-I
"On August 8, 5 permanent workers were stopped at the gate by the Management and told to write their resignation letters and take their final dues. Workers refused to write resignation letters. Inside the factory, 125 permanent workers opposed this act of Management. At this, 21 other permanent workers were thrown out. Workers made a complaint in the Labour Department through the IFTU union. The company did not have a response. On August 18th, the company gave letters to 26 permanent workers in the Labour Department where it was stated that on August 8th, they had forcefully left the factory! And then suddenly a leader appeared and caught 21 of the workers in a trap by saying that if you immediately go back to duty, you will get severance pay at once. But still 5 workers were not prepared to quit their jobs. After cursing the split amongst the workers, the leader told the workers refusing to quit separately that he would get more money from them. At the leaders' behest on August 22, 21 workers reached the factory to collect their dues. With the leader being late, the workers called the leader on the phone and the mike on the mobile was put on to increase the sound so that the workers could hear the conversation. Assuming that the call was from workers refusing to resign, the leader told them not to worry. Let these 21 go and then I will get very good severance pay for you. Hearing this, 21 workers were stunned. Then they understood the meaning of it and after bluntly telling the leader off, they came together with their 5 colleagues. The 26 workers are pursuing their issue in the Labour Department through the IFTU union."

Boutique Int'l- D-80, Okhla Ph-I.
Wages of women workers is between 2,400 and 2,500 rupees. No ESI, no PF. Many workers are paid the statutory minimum wages and ESI and PF are there but upon quitting, the money for withdrawing the forums are not filled. These days there is hardly any over time but from September to March each month, there are 200 hours overtime, payment at single rate. There is difficulty with drinking water. For 500 workers, merely 2 toilets.

Balaji Hauzi Udhyog Worker, x38 Okhla, Ph-II.
"Helpers wages are 3,000. No ESI."

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