Friday, November 20, 2009


(From New Series Number 255, September 2009)

E.D. Postal Employee-
"Gov't of India calls 3 lakh employees in the postal department as extra department (E.D.) We E.D. workers have got nothing from the 6th pay commission at this time. Our wages are 3200 to 3300 rupees. Before the Parliamentary Elections, assurances had been given that we would be recognized as Departmental Employees and our wages would be increased. Since elections took place, quite some time has passed since the formation of gov't and us E.D. employees' conditions still remain the same.

Haryana Roadways Driver
"In June and July 2008, through staff selection board, Gov't of Haryana hired 810 drivers and 1,200 conductors for state transport. New hires were called SPL and now drivers pay is 4,200 and conductors is 3,900. Whereas regular driver conductor ways after the 6th paid commission is around 15,000. Regular drivers, conductors on July 13th, gave a memorandum to the Management in which there was also a demand for regularization of SPL Drivers and Conductors. With the gov't not accepting the demands, on August 13th from 12 to 2 p.m., all buses of Haryana Roadways were stopped. In stopping buses for 2 hours, SPL drivers-conductors also joined the permanent ones."

Jammu Kashmir State Transport Workers
"After 5 months of oustanding wages, 4,500 employees of Jammu-Kashmir State Transport Corp. began to demonstrate daily in Srinagar beginning August 18th. On September 1st, after 15 days of demonstrations, 4,500 transport workers were joined by their families in the demonstration. Many protestors were injured by water canons, tear gas shells and baton charge by the police. 1,500 people were arrested.

Security Guard- CT-3x3 New Moti Nagar, Noida.
"Zenith Security Co. makes us guards work in two 12 hour shifts. No weekly rest for working 12 hours per day for 30 days. 3,200 wages are paid."

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